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Benefits For Surgeons

The Renaissance® Guidance System provides numerous valuable benefits to surgeons. Learn more about how the Renaissance® Guidance System can benefit your practice, your health and your patients below. Or, visit our peer-reviewed library for articles and clinical evidence supporting the power of Mazor Robotics technology. Or see what other surgeons are saying about Renaissance®.

Differentiate Your Practice

Position your practice as a cutting-edge leader in spine surgery. Mazor Robotics will even provide marketing support to help your practice gain the prestige and exposure it needs.

Improve Patient Outcomes

Reduce pain, improve accuracy and shorten recovery time with surgery performed with The Renaissance® Guidance System.

Reduced Flouroscopy

The Renaissance® Guidance System makes the OR safer for surgeons and staff because it may reduce the amount of fluoroscopy used for deformity, minimally-invasive and revision cases.

Increased Accuracy For Peace Of Mind

Perform complicated spine procedures with increased accuracy and ease. The 3D imaging software helps you create a surgical blueprint, while the Renaissance® Guidance System guides your surgical tools with up to 1.5mm accuracy.