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Renaissance® Brain Procedures

Mazor Robotics Renaissance® Guidance System can be used for a variety of stereotactic brain procedures.  The system’s advanced technology provides highly accurate access to the areas of the brain where intervention is needed. Utilizing a small, frameless platform the Renaissance system provides a 360 degree working volume for surgeons to easily change trajectories intraoperatively.

Renaissance® Brain Procedures - Mazor Robotics | Renaissance® Guidance SystemRenaissance® Brain Procedures – Mazor Robotics | Renaissance® Guidance System

A Renaissance brain procedure consists of four steps:


Watch this video:

To see how it works during one of Dr. David VanSickle’s stereotactic brain procedures.

Step 1: Plan

A Renaissance brain procedure begins with a pre-operative MRI scan of the patient. The software enables verification and accuracy of the trajectory.

Step 2: Mount

A small platform is mounted to the skull using local anesthesia. This can be a less-invasive and faster approach compared to the larger frames that are traditionally used during these procedures. Renaissance’s smaller platform may also provide the patient added comfort and freedom of movement.

Step 3: Fuse

A marker is attached to the platform and then a CT scan is taken. The CT scan is then fused with the pre-operative MRI scan in order to execute the surgical plan that was created by the surgeon with Renaissance’s software.

Step 4: Operate

After the scans are fused, the Guidance Unit is attached to the platform. The surgeon can then send the Guidance Unit to the planned trajectories with a full 360 degree working volume.