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Reconstructive Spine Surgery

Adult Reconstructive Surgery

What Is Reconstructive Spine Surgery?

Spine disorders such as adult scoliosis and kyphosis are usually treated by reconstructive spine surgery. Scoliosis is a sideward curving of the spine, while kyphosis is characterized by a forward curve that hunches the back.


Scoliosis and kyphosis can occur together and are caused by chronic degenerative conditions such as disc degeneration and osteoporosis (loss of bone density). These conditions can cause vertebrae to collapse, resulting in compression fractures.


A common symptom of vertebral compression fractures is lower back pain. Some patients also experience leg pain while standing or walking, and often the pain is greater in the morning. A change in posture, especially stooping forward, is common with multiple vertebral compression fractures.


Does spine reconstruction require conservative or surgical treatment?

For milder cases, physicians may recommend conservative (i.e. nonsurgical) treatment such as physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medication. If the symptoms become debilitating or the pain becomes intolerable despite conservative treatment, surgery to straighten and fuse the spine may become necessary. This is achieved by placing implants, such as screws and rods, in and along the spine to fixate it, and adding bone grafts and specialized spacers between the vertebrae to facilitate the fusion of the bones together.


Spine-Surgery-With-Mazor-RoboticsWhat are the advantages of spinal reconstructive surgery with Renaissance®?

Reconstructive spine surgery requires planning and precision. Osteoporosis, common in adult patients, adds to the challenges of spine surgery. Renaissance® allows surgeons to plan the perfect surgery, taking all the clinical factors into consideration. During the operation, the plan serves as a blueprint for Mazor Robotics Renaissance® to guide surgeons to place the implants with great accuracy. Renaissance® only guides; the surgeon is in full control of the surgery itself at all times.