Deformity Procedures

Surgery to correct complex spinal deformities can be very challenging. Renaissance offers several features that can assist in these difficult procedures.


The Benefits of using Renaissance® for Spinal Deformity Correction Surgery

Reduce reactive troubleshooting in the OR

By pre-operatively planning your case, surgeons can avoid having to react to challenging anatomy intra-operatively. Fewer surprises in the OR may equate to increased efficiency during the procedure.

3D software also allows surgeons to:

  • Measure cobb angles and rotation
  • Estimate rod lengths for correction

Pre-operative planning to identify challenging anatomy

Proprietary 3D software allows the surgeon to identify challenging anatomy – such as hypoplastic and asymmetrical pedicles and plan accordingly before entering the OR. This helps the surgeon plan the most ideal screw placements to achieve the best bone purchase.


Execute procedure with <1.5mm accuracy

Surgeons can feel confident entering the operating room knowing that the procedure has already been planned and Renaissance will now assist in executing that exact plan with <1.5mm accuracy 1
Allowing the surgeon to feel confident that the implants are being placed in the best location possible, so that the surgeon can focus more on restoring the patient’s sagittal balance with less worry about the placement of the implants.

Footnote: 1. 510(k): K113228

Reduce use of fluoroscopy

With freehand technique, long spinal deformity constructs can require an excessive amount of fluoroscopy. A CT scan is taken pre-operatively and registration can be achieved with just two fluoroscopic images for each segment.


A Discussion on Accuracy with Dr. Devito.

Dennis P. Devito, MD of Children's Hospital of Atlanta, specializes in pediatric spine surgery. Here he discusses in detail the features and benefits of the Mazor Robotics Renaissance System.


Spinal Deformity Case

10-year-old Female with Severe Scoliosis  |  26 Screws

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